1st Anniversary Vow Renewal

Lucy and Tom were married on 24th July 2021 but unfortunately not everyone could attend the ceremony due to Covid.

They wanted to renew their vows on their 1st anniversary and make their vows again.They chose a perfect outdoor venue.

“Where to begin? Donna was absolutely fantastic from the first initial meet right up until the ceremony. My husband is quite a shy person when you first get to know him but Donna made him feel at ease throughout the whole process. At first, we had an initial meeting. This was to get to know my husband & I and what we wanted out of the vow renewal. We had only been married a year but as we were a covid couple, unfortunately some very special people in our lives were not able to attend. This is why we had our vow renewal. We chose to go with Donna because she was very warm and welcoming, right from this meeting it was personal, it was about us and she was genuinely interested in our journey and achievements. We also wanted to renew our vows with some vows that were more personal to us but we were not sure how to word them. Donna very kindly offered to help and we were able to decide on some special vows to read on the day. Not to mention we had a good laugh to begin with. After, that initial meeting, we went away and Donna created the script. She was very quick to send us a draft, asked us to double check it and made sure everything about us as a couple was accurate. She was very clear and concise and seeing us confirmed our choice of Donna. Then, we had our rehearsal…”

“We met in the gardens where we were holding our ceremony. Donna again, was very welcoming and warm. My husband and I instantly felt relaxed and not nervous unlike our original church wedding rehearsal. She clearly guided us through the rehearsal stating what we needed to do at what point and if we were unsure she allowed us to go back and practise again. Even on the rehearsal, we had a good laugh, especially as we couldn’t seem to master the hand fasting but again, Donna took it in her stride, made us feel comfortable and there were lots of smiles during this time. The ceremony itself was beautifully conducted. Donna again, had a warm and welcoming smile for our guests. We opted to not have the microphone and Donna could still be heard clearly amongst us and our guests. Many of our guests said how lovely the service was. They made comment on how well it focused on us as a couple and our achievements. Many of them said it was relaxed and showed us off as a couple perfectly. We really cannot thank Donna enough for all of her hard work and effort she put in throughout the process. We will definitely be using her again for ceremonies in the future whether that’s a naming ceremony or another vow renewal in years to come. I would absolutely recommend this lovely celebrant to anyone considering a special ceremony!”

Lucy & Tom 24.07.22