Sand Ceremony at Sissons Barn!

Emma and Jack held their wedding ceremony at Sissons Barn and wanted to include a sand ceremony as part of the service. They have a young daughter and wanted to choose three different coloured sands that matched their theme but also held some meaning for each person. Gold (the colour of wealth), White (the colour of purity) and Pink (the colour of love).

“It is evident from the start that Donna really cares about your experience with her. From start to finish she listens to you and in turn this made our ceremony perfect. I wish we could do it all again because I enjoyed the ceremony so much. Donna made the ceremony amazing and gave us our vows and ceremony script on some beautiful floral card that we have been able to frame so we can always look back on the promises we made to each other.”

“We absolutely loved how personal it was. Our love story that Donna told was written and spoken so well, she really spent the time getting to know us and that was evident during the ceremony. Our guests absolutely loved the sand ceremony, with most saying they had never seen this before! It made our wedding one to remember. We wouldn’t change a thing!”

This was a special day for me too as my husband and I got married on the same date 16 years ago!

I was proud to conduct this ceremony on my anniversary!

Jack & Emma 28.07.22